The Royal Conservatory of Music is highly respected as a leading music education instution in Canada and throughout the world. The courses offered here are fully compliant with the current RCM Theory Syllabus and serve as complete resources for written or remote exam preparation.

About the Courses

Two options for each level are available:

  • Self-Study Version in which students mark their own work with the supplied answers
  • Plus Version in which students email completed exercises to the instructor for correction and feedback.

All courses include:

  • Video Lessons with methods and examples for completing the corresponding assignments
  • Self-Checking Quizzes to evaluate the student's understanding of the lesson
  • Downloadable PDF Files which provide printable lesson notes and exercises
  • Integrated YouTube Videos for the music history component
  • Final Review Test in the style of the RCM written examination
  • Teacher Email Support for questions

Students preparing for the remote exam are advised to also purchase:

  • Gold Medal Music Theory BoomCards, a digital self-checking resource with questions formatted in the style of the RCM remote exam. Cards are available as indivdual decks which support the course units or as complete course bundles at Boom Learning or TeachersPay Teachers.

About the Teacher

Lynne Stenlund, BA, ARCT, RMT, RCM Certified Teacher

I have created all materials for these courses and numerous students have been successful in using them to reach their RCM theory examination goals. My life's passion has been teaching music and I have been actively pursuing it for more than 40 years. Most of my students get top marks in their examinations and you can too!